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Gardening and landscaping services in San Mateo CA

Landscape Business Tips

  While you have several choices when customizing your new landscaping business, there are certain jobs you’ll require to do no matter which services you pick to supply. These pointers can assist you to do them well. Estimating Jobs Whether you’re supplying a straightforward service like trimming bushes or you’re setting up a sophisticated three-level…
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planting during a drought

Vegetable Gardening Tips during a California Drought

Planting vegetables in your garden during the drought seasons can be very risky. However, there are varieties of sustainable gardening practices that require less water and can be done in order to help ensure the cultivation of nutrient-rich foods. If you need help with planting, check out our planting services and give us a quick…
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what the environment could look like

Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Environment

The benefits of living in an eco-friendly environment cannot be overemphasized. An eco-friendly environment promotes a healthy lifestyle and consequently helps one lead a healthy life. Imagine an environment free of soot and noise. It would boost your mental health and also save you from many diseases associated with a polluted environment. Creating an eco-friendly…
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police character controlling slug

Pros and Cons of Organic Pest Control

Pests reduce the quality and quantity of farm produce and consequently the income of a farmer. This can prove to be very fatal to the business if not properly controlled. To this effect, many strategies have been put in place to check this. There are several pest control methods out there but we recommend that…
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overseeding in progress

Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding helps to improve the appearance and overall health of your lawn. It keeps your lawn in good shape and makes it look extremely vibrant. When the process is done regularly and properly, the need for using pre-emergent herbicides will reduce and this can save cost. The most important part of overseeding your lawn is…
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tree trimming and care

Why Tree Trimming is Important

Tree trimming is very important. It prevents serious accidents from happening at any time. For example, a dead branch falling off the tree can harm nearby people, buildings, and power lines. Cutting down dangerous limbs and branches is the best action to take in order to keep the environment safe. However, this process depends on…
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desert plants in california example

Landscaping with Native California Plants

No matter where in California you live, if you want a beautiful, colorful, sustainable garden that saves water while providing habitat for essential natural pollinators, consider using a California native landscape design. Native plants have evolved with the California climate, types of soil, animals and pollinators. They not only make your garden and landscaping look…
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