Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Environment

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Tips to Create an Eco-Friendly Environment

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The benefits of living in an eco-friendly environment cannot be overemphasized. An eco-friendly environment promotes a healthy lifestyle and consequently helps one lead a healthy life.

Imagine an environment free of soot and noise. It would boost your mental health and also save you from many diseases associated with a polluted environment.

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Creating an eco-friendly environment is not for just one person alone, we all have our part to play. We at Landscaping San Mateo can help you keep your garden eco-friendly — read our blog on the pros and cons of organic pest control. But we are also passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle in general. Below are tips on how you can create an eco-friendly environment:

Recycle your stuff. Go for recyclable options and always seek to recycle your used stuff instead of throwing them away.

Avoid water wastage. Conserve as much water as you can. Turn off the tap while not in use. Only wash when the laundry is full. Reduce your intake of bottled water, take tap water instead. You could also replace your shower head with one whose flow rate is low

Use more eco-friendly cleaning agents that are free from harmful chemicals. This will help reduce the number of harmful substances that drain into waterways.

Conserve energy. Reduce the quantity of electricity you use. Use energy saving bulbs and turn off the light switch when not in use.

Use less paper. This will help keep the environment clean and also help conserve trees. You can do most of your bookkeeping on your computer and read news online instead of a newspaper.

Eat less meat. This might sound funny but consuming less meat has been shown to go a long way in reducing carbon imprint.

Do not waste food. Cut down on the waste you are generating. If at all you must discard your food, do so properly as compost. This way you create natural fertilizer for the soil and at the same time save the environment from additional carbon dioxide.

Reduce your driving. Trek if the distance isn’t great or take public transport instead. Avoid using machines that generate excess carbon in the environment.

Grow trees and crops. As you know plants make use of carbon dioxide. So your garden helps mop up some of the carbon dioxides in the air and also saves you money. You can also decorate your rooms with plants.

Repair your damaged appliances. Do not be quick to discard your appliances when they develop a fault, fix them instead. That way you are saving the environment from unnecessary waste cluttering. The Same thing goes for your shoes and clothes.

• When wrapping gifts, you can make use of wrapping paper you already have instead of buying those fancy wrappers from the store.

Buy less stuff especially the ones you don’t have much need for.

To get started on your eco-friendly landscape, contact us today!

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