Protect Your Landscape

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Protect Your Landscape

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A beautiful lawn and garden all start with a proper spring cleanup when lawns should be properly dethatched and fertilized, and gardens get their first pruning and fertilizing for the season. This is a mistake that homeowners and untrained gardeners often make, leaving winter killed grass and then over-fertilizing their lawns with high nitrogen fertilizers that ultimately lead to weak summer lawns and unhappy homeowners.

When daytime temperatures reach 16 degrees Celsius and aren’t below 7 degrees Celsius at night, it’s the right time to consider seeding your lawn. If you have hired a professional, ask for a slit seed, which is by far the most effective way to ensure that your seed not only germinates but also establishes decent roots. Also, consider aerating which combined with slit seeding can make an average-looking lawn great! Gently tossing seed over your lawn and afterward covering it will work as well, however much of seed can remove with the following rainfall and is most likely to be consumed by birds.

Routine watering for your lawn as well as garden is advised throughout the horticulture period. If you already have an in-ground irrigation system, that’s all the better. Three times per week with 40 minutes for your lawn and 20 minutes for your gardens is a good start. This will have to be adjusted depending on the season and the conditions of your garden. Don’t forget about your urns and planters! 

Homeowners often ask about how to manage pests and diseases in their gardens. There are some excellent natural items that can be made use of securely and also properly to guard your yard against these irritating problems. Speak to your neighborhood garden center or your professional gardener regarding concerns that you might have had in your garden in the past. There is typically a well-timed therapy that can be put on assist shield your landscape investment.

Gardens do need amending from time to time, usually simply to cover up soil degrees or by including garden compost to aid boost the growing problems. Your plants are no different from agricultural crops, needing the right set of conditions to grow to look their best. Consider using only compost that comes from gardens like well-rotted leaves, plants, and grass as opposed to the traditional cow, sheep, or mushroom manure. This eases the issue of introducing foreign agents to your yard that could be a possible worry.

Again, proper maintenance should always include protecting your sensitive plants for the winter using either straw, leaves, or soil depending on the type of your plants. Be sure to cover, connect, or display certain plants that may be burned by winter winds, salt, reflected the sunlight, or heavy snow.

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