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With many of today’s landscaping companies in San Mateo, quantity is the name of the game. As a result, they often fail to take the time to understand their client’s needs, much less ensure everything is completed to their satisfaction. However, that’s where we differ from most companies. With over 13 years experience, Landscaping San Mateo focuses on quality, taking a much more personalized approach to each job. Because of this, we guarantee each job is done right the first time
No Mess Left Behind

Landscaping San Mateo focuses on quality, taking a much more personalized approach to each job. Because of this, we guarantee each job is done right the first time, no messy cleanup is left behind, and each job is approached as if it were our own yard.

Organic and Eco Friendly Materials

With more homeowners today being concerned about the environment, we focus on using a variety of green and eco-friendly supplies on all jobs, and also believe in an organic treatment approach to landscaping.

Quality and Thorough Customer Service

When you hire us, you join our landscaping family. We boast excellent customer service and 13 years of landscaping experience. Transform your San Mateo yard into a showplace!

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We provide beautiful outdoor spaces for all properties

If there is one thing every homeowner in San Mateo wants, it is a beautiful yard. By having colorful flowers, unique shrubs and trees, meandering pathways that allow for relaxation, and much more, a yard can be turned into a paradise that is enjoyed by family members and friends. And while an exquisite yard adds to the looks of a home, it can also increase property values and help beautify an entire neighborhood, which can be important if an owner wants to sell their home at a later date. Read up on our San Francisco gardening guide for a DIY maintenance of your yard.


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If you appreciate excellent customer service and want a licensed, experienced landscaping company to transform your San Mateo yard into a showplace, give us a call at 650-332-2048 to schedule a free quote. And remember, we always look forward to serving you.


Whether you are wanting a yard filled with beds full of colorful flowers, a lawn reseeded, or a outdoor nature area filled with pathways and plants that will attract nearby feathered friends, we can make these wishes come true at your home. In addition, if you need regular lawn maintenance such as mowing and trimming, we can help with that as well. From the smallest homes to the most luxurious in San Mateo, Hillsborough, Half Moon Bay, and the surrounding area, we can provide whatever residential services you need.

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While we work with many residential clients, we also provide many commercial gardening services to nearby businesses. Since companies often need regular service mowing, trimming, mulching, and much more, we can work with clients to set up a regular landscaping maintenance schedule at their convenience. Since we as business owners understand the importance of making a great first impression, you can count on us to do the job thoroughly, accurately, and at affordable prices. We can provide commercial landscaping at very affordable and reasonable prices.

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Whether you are a homeowner wanting multiple large flower beds or a business needing many different types of trees and shrubs planted around their building, Landscaping San Mateo can assist with these tasks. In many cases, we will meet with you to discuss the job, making suggestions along the way as to the best plants or trees to use in particular environments. While some clients may want trees and shrubs that will grow large and offer privacy, others simply want smaller, elegant flowers and trees that will make their landscaping distinctive. No matter a client’s preference, we strive to exceed expectations.

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Tree Services

Do you have a large tree or some bushes that require tree trimming? We provide a variety of tree services in San Mateo county.

While this is done to enhance the appearance of a yard, it may also be done for safety reasons. For example, if a tree has died, the root system will be weakened, putting it at risk of falling over on a structure. In other cases, a tree or shrub may have been planted near a home or business without taking into account how large it would later become. In these and other instances, we can offer tree service suggestions to our client, then proceed with a tree trimming job that will lead to increased safety and beauty.
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To really make a flower bed or shrubs around a home or business look beautiful, it takes a thick layer of mulch. While many homeowners may think this is a simple task, there is often far more to a great mulch job. With many different varieties of mulch now available, including ones specifically made for various environments as well as multi-colored mulch, the possibilities are virtually endless for homes and businesses. We have the supplies and access to a variety of types a client prefers. Simply sit back and let us do the work that will put a smile on your face each time you gaze out of your window.

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Yard Cleanup

In cases where a client has purchased a property or where a yard has simply been let go for too long, trust Landscaping San Mateo to perform a thorough yard cleanup.

From removing weeds, dead trees, fencing, and other items, these jobs can be far too time-consuming and difficult for you to do by yourself. But no matter how big or small the cleanup job may be, we will approach it as if it is our own yard that is being cleaned. As a result, we will do it right the first time, ensuring that when we leave the area will be ready for a wonderful beautification project.
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Though we are local to Pacifica, CA and the city of San Mateo, we provide landscape design and maintenance services to many more areas in the San Francisco Bay. Read our guide for landscaping cost so you can prepare a budget before you get in contact.

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