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Yard Cleanup in San Mateo

Clean up the mess in your backyard!

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Just got a new apartment in San Mateo? Is your yard messy with dead leaves, weeds, and other unwanted stuff? Here at Landscaping San Mateo, we clean up the mess by removing the dead trees, weeds, and fencing in your yard.

Professional Yard Clean Up Services for San Mateo residents

Cleaning up your yard or garden for spring, winter or summer can be a big task to handle. However, contacting us for a yard cleanup would not only save you the stress from handling such a messy yard, but you will also give your yard that professional touch with the help of our yard care experts. We offer quality yard cleaning services to both commercial and residential properties in San Mateo, San Jose, and San Francisco in CA. The beautification of your yard is what matters, and that is why we try our best to offer quality cleaning services at an affordable rate.

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What We Do To Keep Your Yard Properly Cleaned

Our experienced experts use different kinds of techniques to clean up your yard. They also offer daily maintenance services to help keep the yard in good shape. Below are some of those aspects involved in our yard cleaning services:

  • Weed Removal

One bad thing that ruins the beauty of your yard is weeds. They tend to spread across your yard and block your grass from receiving sunlight, nutrients, and space. We occasionally weed your yard by using either a hoe, weeder, digging knife or a three-prong cultivator. We can also apply chemicals to the yard, but this is only done when asked to do so.

  • Leaf Removal

When decayed leaves are all over your yard, they keep the yard untidy and also, give room for dangerous reptiles like snakes to breed which would eventually lead to snake bites. In most cases, it is advisable to cut down some of the trees in your yard. At Landscaping San Mateo, we use lawn mowers, pick-up rakes, leaf scoops, lawn sweepers, and garden grabbers for removing dead leaves in your yard.

  • Debris Removal

Rain and snowfalls can drag in unwanted materials to your yard, sometimes hiding it beneath the snow or under objects kept in the yard. We offer quality yard cleaning services by removing the debris with garden forks, hand trowels, rakes, and other useful gardening tools. Our yard care experts are highly experienced in this process, and we also offer good maintenance services at a discount. 

  • Pruning Shrubs, Cutting and Trimming off Dead Tree Branches

Dead tree branches and broken limbs usually cause damages to your home, power lines, nearby cars and even injure anybody unexpectedly. We can trim your trees and remove those dead branches that tend to fall off. When it comes to pruning the shrubs in your yard, we use pruning tools like shears, pruners, loppers, garden scissors, secateurs and so forth. For trimming of tree branches, we use tree pruners, chain saw, pruning saw and the rest.

Other yard cleaning services include the following:

  • Overseeding the patchy areas of your yard
  • Mowing the grasses of your yard
  • Redefining the edges of your yard
  • Aerating and dethatching your yard
  • Cleaning and Re-edging your garden and flower beds

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Do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service department and schedule for a quality yard cleaning service. We offer the best seasonal landscaping and yard cleaning services in the Bay Area, San Mateo, and San Francisco, CA.