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Landscaping is a great hobby for most people. If you are willing to increase your attractions with landscaping, then you are in the right place! Landscaping Hillsdale began offering gardening services and landscaping in the Hillsdale community.  For over 20 years, our family-owned and operated business has continued to expand both our specialty services and territory throughout Hillsdale, San Mateo, CA. You can rely on us to bring elegant beauty to your home or business, to value your patronage, and to honor our commitments.


Landscaping Hillsdale offers more extensive services than many competitors by working as a team leveraging our in-house expertise in several areas. This saves you money by offering discounts for multiple services and it also saves you time managing several different service providers.


We are experts and can help you with these followings:


  • Landscaping Design & Artistry
  • Full Maintenance Lawn & Yard Care
  • Custom Irrigation
  • Drought-Tolerant Ground Cover
  • Elegant Landscape Lighting
  • Color Specialties
  • Pest Management
  • Tree & Shrub Care


As a full-service provider for your landscape and hardscape needs, Hillsdale Landscaping is fully licensed, insured, certified, and uniquely equipped to provide a highly customized level of service. So, you don’t need to be worried about the quality of service. 


Whether you need a seasonal cleanup and color enhancement, general yard maintenance, basic lawn mowing services, or year-round complete grounds maintenance. Hillsdale Landscaping possesses the expertise to help your gardens thrive! We also can help you with helpful tips and advice. Keep reading below:


You can easily create your dream front yard or backyard with our landscaping tips. You should find the best plants for every project. The landscaping around your home is more important than you may think. Properly done landscaping helps to protect your home from the dangers of excess water runoff, and well-done landscaping can increase the value of your home. There are some elements of your landscaping that you can do on your own, and then there are those tasks that are best left to professionals. The more effort and resources you put into landscaping your home and developing your garden, the more you will get out of it.


If you want to get the best possible results, your garden needs to be placed in the right part of your yard. You can easily block the sunlight with a covering if you need to, but you cannot create sunlight where it is blocked by a building or a tree. If you want to bring in a variety of flowers to your garden, then it is best to keep the garden away from your house, as some flowers tend to attract large insects.


To protect your garden, you can put up a fence that could be helpful to protect animals. If you are having issues with smaller birds dive-bombing your garden, then put up large owl boxes and other homes to attract predators that will keep the smaller birds away from your garden. Landscaping needs to be sloped away from your home to make sure that all runoff water goes away from your foundation. Mowing your lawn regularly will also help it to stay healthy and keep weeds and crabgrass from growing as well. 


Landscaping lights powered by solar energy will enhance your lawn without adding to your monthly energy bill. You can also add small touches such as mulch and low fencing around the trees and shrubs on your lawn as well. If you do notice that one of your trees is no longer growing leaves, then that tree should be removed immediately.


Your landscaping is the first home things that people will see when they visit you. If you take care of your landscaping and work hard to create the perfect garden, you will have a lawn that is worth bragging about. That’s why a professionally designed landscape can protect your home’s foundation from damage. Landscaper in Hillsdale is always here to help you with the effective tips as well as the service. Call us today!