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Gardening and landscaping services in San Mateo CA

Planting Services for Your Garden in San Mateo

Offering the best planting help in the area

planting services in the bay area

We offer the number one planting services in San Mateo, Bay Area, and San Francisco, CA. At Landscaping San Mateo, we help to plant different kinds of trees or shrubs around your building, build beautiful raised flower beds in your garden and cultivate basic food crops for your home use.

We Plant and Move Trees

Planting trees in your new landscape can be a tedious task to complete, however, we take our time by using sophisticated machines, and working tools to do the job thoroughly. Landscaping San Mateo has trained landscapers that are highly experienced in planting and moving of trees. No matter how large the tree is or how you want the tree to be planted in your small garden, we have the right tools to perform a quality tree service job.  

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Flower and Shrub Planting Near You

We have professionals that expertise in flower and shrub planting. We also render daily maintenance services at a free discount.

With over 13 years of landscaping experience, our planting experts offer the best flowering and shrub sowing services in San Mateo, Bay Area, and San Francisco, CA. They are knowledgeable in each planting processes, and they have the various resources used to make sure that your plants are installed correctly.

Shrub Trimming Services

Our experts can trim all dead or dying branches and shrubs on a regular basis to improve the tree’s health and prevent future problems.

Regular pruning of dead tree branches and shrubs help to keep them in good shape and increase their lifecycle. When you call on our planting experts, they will remove all dead or broken tree branches and do a thorough cleaning in your garden.

Decorations for Your Lovely Garden

We do not only do the planting and removing of dead tree branches and shrubs, but we also decorate your garden with our stylish-looking extras such as flower pots or stones, giving it that sense of attractiveness.

Landscaping San Mateo offers the best gardening and flowering services in California. Just contact us and we will be on our way to help with the gardening and landscaping activities.

The Types of Gardening and Planting Services We Render

  • We cut the grasses, remove the weeds, and mow the lawn. We also offer lawn treatments and care if required.
  • We weed the flowerbeds.
  • Regular planting of fast-growing plants into the flowerbeds to make colorful and temporary seasonal displays during the winter, summer, and spring.
  • We do regular pruning and trimming of broken limbs and dead shrubs.
  • We remove the dead leaves in your landscape during winter.
  • We feed, weed, and overseed the damaged areas in the lawn.
  • We remove the fallen dead leaves in the house gutters before winter.
  • We clear the driveway and make walkable paths.
  • We trim tall hedges and shrubs as well as hard to reach areas of the plants.

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We are always happy to help our customers with their landscapes and also offering daily maintenance services at an affordable rate. Please feel free to contact us and schedule for a quality planting service.