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With over 13 years of experience, we have been offering quality landscape installation services to potential customers in San Mateo, Bay Area, and San Francisco, CA. We are a professional landscape installation, design, and maintenance company that provides excellent landscaping and lawn care services to all customers or clients living in California. Our professionals at Landscaping San Mateo expertise in residential and industrial building renovations, landscape maintenance services, beautiful building designs, and landscape fixtures, etc.

 Our quality landscape installation services include the following;

  • Landscape Designs and Installation
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Water Features
  • Hardscapes (Stones, Bricks, Pavers, Patios, Pathways, etc)

Natural and Beautiful Landscapes

As a home or business property owner, getting your landscape designed is one of the necessary things to achieve. Contacting our design experts at Landscaping San Mateo is your first step to planning a beautiful and natural-looking landscape for your home or business. We are very experienced and knowledgeable in designing residential and commercial landscapes. We also offer daily maintenance to help keep the landscapes in good shape. Our design experts will help you prepare and produce an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional landscape project that would meet your desired budget.

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Irrigation Systems

Having the right irrigation system resources and working tools are the only way to get the job done properly. At Landscaping San Mateo, we do not only have the right resources and equipment. But we also have the experience and knowledge. Supplying the right amount of fresh water to your lawn and shrub beds help to prevent water waste, and therefore, lowering utility bills. We make use of an automatic lawn irrigation system which regulates, and monitors the amount of water used for our irrigation services.

Landscape Lighting

We do not want to leave you nor your landscape in the dark, therefore we install quality outdoor lighting which will ensure security, safety, and beauty. Our landscape lighting is perfect for your gardens, drive pathways, lawns, patios, and anywhere you would love to get our quality lights installed. Landscaping San Mateo offers good outdoor lighting services to all customers living in the Bay Area, San Mateo, and San Francisco, CA.

Our lighting services include the following:

  • Regular maintenance of outdoor lights
  • Nice Lighting Designs
  • Installation of outdoor lights
  • Repairs of broken or worn out light switches
  • Light bulb changing
  • Underwater and Fountain lighting
  • Fixture changing
  • Down Lighting

Our Lighting styles and ideas include the following:

  • Traditional outdoor lights
  • Contemporary outdoor lights
  • Mission outdoor lights
  • Transitional outdoor lights
  • Coastal outdoor lights
  • Fence Lightings
  • Brick Edging Lightings
  • Solar Glowing Lanterns by Pathways

Water Features

We can design your landscape with beautiful water features such as fountains, ponds, swimming pools, water streams, waterfalls and so forth. These water features help to improve the serenity in your home and attract wildlife like birds, bees, and butterflies to enjoy the refreshing water source. One good advantage of adding water features is for the sake of beautifying your landscape.


We offer the best hardscapes in town. Ranging from retaining walls, patios,  bricks, stones to driveways, sidewalks, pathways, and pavers.  Our hardscapes provide valuable effects to your home and landscape. They are also very practical and aesthetic in nature. We can install quality landscapes in your home and even offer good hardscape lighting services.