How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

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Discussing the Most Common Landscape Question - Price and Budget

Japanese Garden in the bay areaIf there is one thing most homeowners love, it’s a beautiful yard. While some people choose to make their yard a DIY project, others prefer to hire the services of professional landscapers for a fixed price.

As a result, they may spend a bit more money overall, but will have a yard that is cared for and managed by professionals. But since there are a variety of services offered by landscapers, prices can vary depending on such factors as cost per square foot, cost per mulch yard, and other services.

If you’re wondering how much does landscaping cost, here are some details to keep in mind. 

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Prepare a Landscaping Budget

When wondering how much do landscapers charge, always start out by preparing a budget for whatever services you will need. For example, if you are wanting basic services such as mowing and trimming a lawn, the average monthly cost nationwide is $136.

However, if you need some trees trimmed or removed, the average cost is $751. But since landscaping service prices can vary widely, it’s always best to seek an estimated cost from several landscapers before making a final decision.

Landscape Design Cost

Along with needing basic landscape maintenance services such as lawn mowing and trimming, tree removal, and aerating and seeding a lawn, you may also be in the market for more elaborate landscaping design projects. These can include designing and building a backyard pond, planting various trees and shrubs, having a lawn resloped, or perhaps land excavation or having landscape curbing installed.

For many of these projects, expect to pay more, since they will require significant amounts of time, labor, and materials. As an example, while the cost to plant a tree may be no more than $100, the average cost in the U.S. to install landscape curbing is $1,174. Therefore, always remember there is no typical landscaping cost for any one service, since each landscaper will set their own prices.

Additional Considerations

Once you’ve planned your budget for professional landscaping costs, remember there will be additional considerations to keep in mind.

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For starters, always make a list of whatever services you will need before contacting various companies. By doing so, not only can you easily compare prices, but also ask about package deals they may offer new customers. Along with this, ask if some services may cost more than others, such as if the landscaper uses organic or natural pesticides versus chemical pesticides.

Also, if you are planning an elaborate project such as a pond or other major landscaping project, find out how long it generally takes for completion. If the cost is more than you anticipated, your landscaper may be able to suggest cheaper options that will still look great.

By taking the time to plan a budget, compare prices, and check the qualifications and references of the landscaper you want to work with, chances are you will not only wind up with a landscaping budget you can afford, but also a yard that is the most beautiful in your neighborhood.

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