Pros and Cons of Organic Pest Control

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Pros and Cons of Organic Pest Control

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Pests reduce the quality and quantity of farm produce and consequently the income of a farmer. This can prove to be very fatal to the business if not properly controlled. To this effect, many strategies have been put in place to check this.

There are several pest control methods out there but we recommend that you try to be familiar with them. The many control methods can be classified into organic and inorganic.

Organic control can also be known as biological control. This is a method of controlling pests by using other organisms which are referred to as the beneficial organism. The beneficial organism such as ladybugs is of benefit to the farmer but harmful to the pests. This method works under the principle of predation and sometimes parasitism. The predator to be introduced is the pest’s natural enemy and hence is drawn to it and feeds on it thereby decreasing the pest’s population. The beneficial organism can also be a disease pathogen which affects the pest. An example is the introduction of ladybugs to control Aphids and the introduction of grazing animals to feed on weeds.

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The major reason why organic pest control is preferred to inorganic is that it is not harmful to the environment.

If you are someone who is looking to do away with pests while at the same time is trying to avoid polluting then you most definitely would want to go organic. Nevertheless, there are times when the best choice would be to opt for the inorganic control method.

Hence, depending on the situation, these factors should be considered before a choice is made.


  • They are eco-friendly: According to researchers, the organic pest control poses less threat to the environment. Inorganic methods after use can remain in the air, soil and sometimes waterways.
  • They have lasting effect: the effectiveness of organic pest control can be seen even after a long period of time while that of chemicals can wear off after a short period of time.
  • Organic pest control helps in soil building as it builds up the mineral store in the soil. These minerals are fundamental in plant growth and are also required by man.
  • Chemicals present in inorganic pesticides are very toxic and pose serious health challenges to man.


  • It is expensive: Compared to the inorganic method, the organic pest control is more expensive to run. Sometimes the price might not be viable but it will pay off in the long run.
  • They take longer: Organic pest control do not give immediate results so if you are looking for fast action then you might be disappointed. Organic methods may take longer to do the work but if you are patient they are also long lasting.
  • They are not always effective. Though natural and emulating nature’s way of controlling, sometimes the pests can overwhelm the treatment.

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