Japanese Gardens

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A Quiet Spot for Contemplation

Japanese Garden in San Mateo is one of the most sought after places in California. Designed by a famous landscape architect named ‘Nagao Sakurai’ of the Imperial Palace Of Tokyo, the garden became an instant hit with the locals. The serene beauty of the garden has made it a popular tourist spot in California with thousands of people visiting the place every month. The garden features a bamboo grove, koi pond, teahouse, and a granite pagoda.

While it remains beautiful throughout the year, but if you want to experience the true beauty of the place, then visit Japanese Garden in the late Winter and early Spring because that’s when new vegetation is making its way, so you will be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms blooming all around the garden.

Visiting the Garden

The garden remains open for all seven days, but the timing varies. If you want to visit the garden from Monday to Friday, then the timings are 10 AM to 4 PM, whereas the timings change to 11 AM-4PM on Saturday and Sunday, so make your plans accordingly. The garden remains closed on two days, i.e., Christmas and New Year.  It also features a small pond filled with Koi fish. For more information and updates, visit their page on the city of San Mateo website.

Many people come to the garden to feed the fish, so if you are looking to do the same, then make sure to come in the public viewing hours during summer and spring only. If you are coming in the months of November to February, then you won’t be allowed to feed the fish. The Japanese garden is a perfect getaway for those seeking peace, as the vibe around the garden is so peaceful, so fulfilling that you will love being in the garden for the whole day.

Located in the midst of an urbanized setting, many people refer Japanese Garden to an Urban Oasis because it gives the feel of it. You can sit back and enjoy the garden in the delicate gazebo also known as Azumaya, which you can reach by walking up the rock and concrete steps.

You will see a map inside the gazebo that has all the information regarding the plants in the garden. Behind the bamboo fence, you will see ‘Shinden’ or a small shrine that was presented to San Mateo by its Japanese sister city, Tokyonaka to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the garden in 1991. This garden is over 50 years old, which makes it even more exciting, so plan a visit to this garden and soak in the amazing Japanese culture.

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