Ways to Bring Life to Your Landscape

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Ways to Bring Life to Your Landscape

You have actually decided on planning your party as a “beginning of the summer kick-off” bbq. Your preparation checklist includes who will be invited, a list of foods and drinks that you will provide to your guests, party supplies that you will need, some outdoor enjoyment for your guests, and you put together some of your favorite music, because what’s a party without some dancing? When you think you’re getting everything under control, you notice your property really needs some serious landscape maintenance work. Here’s some tips that the landscapers Burlingame offers you:

Tip 1:

The initial steps are basic – but will really neaten up your landscape beds and give them more of a manicured and kept the appearance. First, you need to gently prune and trim back all of your shrubberies.

If you noticed, we said “gently” as you only want to cut back the overgrown areas.

For instance, if you had actually rounded evergreen bushes, then just trim the additional development so the plant is rounded or circular once more when you have finished with your cutting. Take your time with this as you can always trim much more if needed.

Tip 2:

Now, it’s time for weeding as well as redefining all your bedsides. Utilizing your garden spade, you can reduce or redefine your landscape beds. How much you cut back really depends on the last time it was done. For example, if your landscaping was edged last season, the edging would not require as much cutting back as edging that was done 5 years ago.

A good neat edge will certainly look even nicer when you starting renewing your beds with mulch as well as a rock which we will discuss quickly. The pictures that follow show some instances of landscape beds that were nicely edged and also redefined.

Tip 3:

This is among the most essential of all the steps to bringing your landscape back to life and also developing some appealing visual appeal– as well as it involves including shade to your existing landscape beds. This can be done by planting some annuals or perennials within particular locations of your landscape. 

Tip 4:

Accent boulders can make a huge impact on the curb appeal of your landscape. Weathered moss rock or boulders can come in big sizes so you may want to select some that are manageable. We would suggest purchasing approximately 3 to 4 boulders.

Tip 5:

It’s now time for the finishing touches – to really impress your relatives. In this step, you’ll need to call a local landscape supplier and have them deliver your mulch and decorative stone. Being a full-service landscape contractor over the years, we must admit that black dyed mulch has been the most popular choice requested by customers. The black mulch really brings out all the color in all your plantings. You will quickly notice as you start applying your mulch that your most colorful shrubs and newly planted annuals will now really begin to pop!

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