The Ramen Dojo

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Delicious Noodles and Authentic Food

Ramen Dojo is a humble joint in San Mateo, CA. Despite being a small place, it has a huge variety of lip-smacking delicacies that you can only be able to understand once you dine at the restaurant. While there are many top Asian restaurants in California, but not all restaurants serve authentic food. If you reside in San Mateo or taking a halt there, then you must check out Ramen Dojo, a small yet excellent restaurant for authentic Japanese food.

What is it that you see in a restaurant? Fine dining and affordable pricing, which is exactly what you will be getting at Ramen Dojo. As you enter the restaurant, you may feel as if you entered a room that looks hardly a restaurant, but when you see the steaming bowls of mouth-watering soup, you are compelled to change your perception about the restaurant.

Menu Offerings

The food menu isn’t that big, but the restaurant offers a wide range of customization. You can literally make your own ramen from the type of meat to toppings and level of spiciness. All Ramen features two pieces of Roasted Pork, Chicken Gravy, Quail Egg, Fresh Green Chives, Kikurage Mushroom, and Fried Whole Garlic. Then, it is up to you to decide whether you want Soy Sauce Flavor, Soy Bean Flavor or Garlic Pork Flavor.

You can also add a wide range of toppings according to your preference. By the time your food is being prepared, you can order lunchtime appetizer from Seaweed Salad, Edamame, Boiled Pot Stickers. Drinks are also served in the restaurant, as you can buy Sake, Sapporo Beer or Coke/Diet Coke.

How to Have the Best Experience

It will only take 30 minutes for you to complete your meal at Ramen Dojo because the food is already prepared, so they’ll quickly bring it to your table upon receiving your order. A long queue can always be seen outside the restaurant, which is why you have to get up as soon as you are done eating.

If you are visiting the restaurants during weekends, then be prepared to wait for 30 minutes to an hour because of the large influx of people waiting for their turn to eat the best Ramen in the town. People can be seen waiting outside the restaurant during weekdays, which shows how good is the food quality at Ramen Dojo.

If you crave for quality Asian food, then you must visit Ramen Dojo, a small but popular restaurant in San Mateo that is serving authentic Japanese noodle. The best time to visit the restaurant is half an hour prior to its opening because only then you can expect to get a table quickly.

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