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San Mateo's Zoo and Science Museum

CuriOdyssey is one of the most exciting places in San Mateo. If you are looking to take your kids to a science museum and zoo, then there is no better place than CuriOdyssey because it has been regarded as one of the most happening places in the area where kids can take a close view of wild animals and have fun at science exhibits.

Currently, there are around 100 rescued animals in the zoo, which couldn’t survive in the wild. All animals are native to California, but many are still unknown to people. You will also be surprised to see custom-designed exhibits, which are science playgrounds where your children can play with scientific phenomena that include backyard science, patterns in nature, perceptions and reflections and physical forces.

A Brief History

The museum was founded in 1954, but the name of it was different i.e., San Mateo County Junior Museum. The museum was accredited by the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums). Coming to the location of the museum and zoo, then it is located at 1651 Coyote Point Drive in San Mateo, CA. CuriOdyssey is a part of Coyote Point Recreation Area that takes care of San Francisco Bay.

Events and Things to Do

Bring your kids to this incredible place to let your kids connect with nature and wildlife because it will give rise to a new interest in them. CuriOdyssey organizes summer camps every year, so if you are looking to enroll your children in it, then you can certainly do that, as slots are available. The summer camp will act as a great learning curve for your children where they will learn a number of new things about nature and wildlife.

Besides summer camp, the museum organizes ‘First Friday Family Nights’, where you can enjoy great music, food and of course science with your family. CuriOdyssey is a one-stop store for absorbing the best of science, nature, and wildlife in the most exciting way.

The journey to reinvent CuriOdyssey began 8 years ago and now, the organization offers an unprecedented experience to more than 100,000 children per year. For a bright future, you must definitely take your kids along to CuriOdyssey because they will get a close encounter with real science and real animals. Go to their website and buy tickets to the center now. You can also donate towards their excellent initiative of saving wild animals.

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