Seal Point Park

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Great Outdoors Recreational Area

Seal Point Park is one of the most popular recreational spots in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is one of many parks situated in Shoreline Parks, which is covered with an abundance of natural beauty, thus providing a great spot for users to spend time, walk, ride bicycles, watch birds and do other fun activities. The park incorporates a 3-acre dog park as well, where dog owners can walk their dogs.

Features and Sights

The park includes a boardwalk along the Bay Marshes, which is the perfect spot for observing the wildlife including some of the endangered bird species in the world California Clapper Rail.

The park features an assortment of art sculptures, which add to the beauty of the park. Seal Point Park is connected to another park named Ryder Park with a nautical-inspired bridge. You will really love the kinetic sculptures placed on the bridge that moves in the wind.

Moreover, there is an echo chamber on the top of the hill, which gives a magical experience when you stand inside the silver symbols of the chamber and make some noise. The natural stairway of the park is eye pleasing, as you see a perfect example of natural engineering. If you love windsurfing or kayaking, then there are launch areas for both adventure sports in the park.


How to Have the Best Experience

Seal Point Park is a heaven for adventure lovers, and it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or novice, you can have fun according to your expert level. With a wide range of hills and terrain, one can easily choose the way as per his/her expertise.

While trailing, it is important to keep your eyes open because you’ll come across a lot of new and exciting things, such as restored natural habitats, different types of native wildlife and breath-taking views of the Bay. All those things can only be enjoyed if you are properly dressed up for the occasion, i.e., having a jacket or layered dress to enjoy the nice breeze that flows 24/7 at this incredible coastal spot.

The best thing about this park is that you can come here with your dog, as there is a dedicated 3-acre off-leash dog park inside the main park, where you will find water bowls, fountains, bathrooms and all other facilities for pets. The incredible atmosphere of the park refreshes mind and body. The park remains open from six in the morning until sunset, so pack your stuff and get in your car because the fun awaits you at Seal Point Park.

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