San Mateo Park Things To Do

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Local Things to Do in San Mateo Park

Nearly everyone doesn’t associate suburbs with a plethora of outdoor activities. Conversely, when coming to San Mateo Park, get prepared to venture beyond the downtown shops and restaurants. There’s plenty to do outside that can keep you entertained without having to spend a dime.

Hike through Laurelwood Park

Laurelwood Park is a quiet park in San Mateo, and when combined with the Sugarloaf Nature Area, is 225 acres (91 hectares) of forested land and nature trails. It is the largest park in the city. The park has a playground, picnic tables, an open play area, and restrooms, which are all perfect for a nice weekend. You can also walk your dog in this park, and along the trails. You can also hike along the trails in the Sugarloaf Nature Area if you want to have a mini-adventure of your own.

Bicycle Sunday

Sunny weather usually beckons all forms of outdoor activities. With that, bicycle rides are a great way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Each Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm, the San Mateo Parks Department offers ‘Bicycle Sunday.’ That means they close Canada Road between the Filoli Entrance and Highway 92, allowing for non-motorized activities. So not only does this give bike riders a chance for the open road, but it also allows for jogging, roller-skating, and walking.

Enjoy a custom-blended cuppa at Philz Coffee

Whether you can’t get adequate of coffee for its enormous aroma and taste, or the buzz you get from it, you should definitely check out Philz Coffee on your next trip to San Mateo! Philz Coffee is a local chain of coffee shops known for its laid-back vibe and custom-made coffee. You can choose from their unique blends – some of which even include flavors like Blackberry, Butterscotch, and Tobacco, among many others – or customize your own! You can choose what you’d like to include in your own blend and ask the friendly baristas to help you prepare for it. At Philz Coffee, you can indulge in a cup that’s designed to perfectly suit your tastes!

Savor fresh seafood at Pacific Catch

Pacific Catch is a restaurant that aims to serve sustainable and high-quality seafood in a unique style. They explore new dishes and use ingredients found throughout the Pacific Ocean. They also offer a variety of Fresh Catch specials that showcase the best of the Pacific and the seasons. Sushi, Thai curry, Hawaiian teriyaki, and Korean barbecue are some of the great dishes served here. There are many more dishes, like shellfish, tacos, and Alaskan cod. You can try out the full menu when you visit Pacific Catch.

 Enjoy the views from Sugarloaf Nature Area

Sugarloaf Hill is a nature reserve right beside Laurelwood Park and is composed of different trails. Most of these trails are easy to hike, and you can even bike along some of them. The trails are just over a mile long (less than 2 km) to the top. The summit itself is around 567 feet (172 m above sea level), and you can easily see the bay and the city of San Francisco in the distance. You can also spot San Mateo in the foreground. Dont forget to visit our historic site!