Hayward Park History

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A Brief History of Hayward Park

In 1843, the Mexican government gave soldiers as well as property surveyor Guillermo Castro nearly 27,000 acres of land. He called it Rancho San Lorenzo as well as encompassed what is today Hayward and Castro Valley. Castro ran the ranch from his house that sat on the site of the historic city hall on Mission Boulevard. The discovery of gold in January 1848 brought sweeping adjustments to California. Thousands of people swamped into northern California intending to strike it rich in gold. Lots of, like William Hayward, promptly located that gold mining was effort and also not very profitable.


William Hayward passed through Castro’s land. Hayward liked what he saw as well as established a camp at the mouth of Palomares Canyon with strategies to cultivate a few acres. Castro consented to sell Hayward a number of acres in what is now downtown Hayward instead. In 1852, Hayward set up a little general store at the edge of A Street and Mission Boulevard. The place came to be a significant quit on the road from Oakland to San Jose. Hayward did so much organization that he constructed a lodging house that ended up being the well-known Hayward’s Hotel.


Hayward’s climate, soil, as well as a convenient location in the higher city Bay Area,  spurred significant development for decades. The biggest boom came following World War II when housing developments started replacing farms and cattle ranches. The new housing was affordable as well as work was plentiful throughout the location. Between 1950 and 1960, the population leaped from 14,000 to 72,000 as well as has actually remained to expand ever since with a current populace over 150,000.


Today, Hayward is just one of the top 10 most diverse areas in California. William Hayward thought this was the best place to calm down and build his life greater than 160 years ago. Citizens today continue to discover that Hayward is still an excellent area to live. If you are planning for a landscaping project, why not hire Hayward Park landscapers to ensure high quality service to live life to the fullest.


Popular Streets And Nightlife

If you’re looking for the cool places to enjoy some time in Hayward, you’re encouraged to visit the bars, clubs, and grills that are primarily located either on Mission Blvd. or B Street. Where you’ll find a variety of venues, ranging from pubs, “dive” bars, lounges, sports bars and grills, and other specialized venues. If you are willing to go to a famous bar, then The Bistro on B street should be your first choice, which features live music. The locals also like to visit Shirlene’s Iron Horse, on Meekland Ave. for cheap beer and a round of pool. You want more of these? You can also visit Hayward Park and enjoy what are the things to do while having fun together with your friends and family.