Hayward Park Things To Do

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Local Things to Do in Hayward park

The cultural multiplicity of Hayward is rich and is represented by fantastic arts facilities and organizations as well as prominent heritage sites.

Hayward Japanese Gardens

The earliest garden of a Japanese design urbanized in California, and probably in the entire Western United States, the Hayward Japanese Garden adopts main beliefs of Japanese Garden art and integrates them with stone, rock, trees, and plantings native to California. All structures are built with noticeable precision, and you’ll notice lush koi ponds as you stroll among the pagodas.

The Sulphur Creek Nature Center

The Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward, California is a center for wildlife rehabilitation and wildlife education. The mission of this nature and wildlife center is to foster a feeling of responsibility for the world’s welfare by bringing animals and people closer together through their wildlife education and rehabilitation. The Sulphur Creek Nature Center’s wildlife education programs let visitors get an up-close look at a variety of animals that are native to the surrounding area.

Mural Arts Program

An inspired way to combat graffiti-prone buildings, schools, utility boxes, fire hydrants, benches, underpasses, and so on, the Mural Arts Program is committed to covering up vandalism with stunning murals. Driving around Hayward to spot some of the best works makes for a great day.

Lake Chabot Regional Park

Lake Chabot is home to a well-stocked 315-acre lake that’s open for fishing and boating throughout the year; in fact, it’s one of the most popular fishing destinations in the Bay Area. Feel like a hike? There are over 20 miles of trails, plus an additional 70 in adjoining Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Fancy a walk across more well-kept greenery? Try the 18-hole Redwood Canyon Golf Course.

Hayward Regional Shoreline

You’ve seen the hills, now it’s time to travel around the shore. This elongate of the East Bay is a salt marsh ecology supporting plentiful birdlife. Scrounge some binoculars from the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center for your pace and see if you can foretaste the likes of double-crested cormorants and long-billed curlews. For a long time, Hayward’s shore farmed for a sail but in the 80s it was restored as a wetland to bring wildlife back to this part of the East Bay. 

 Don Castro Regional Recreation Area

A quiet natural separation between Hayward and the adjacent Castro Valley, this mini wilderness is loved for its lagoon hidden within the woodland. In the summer the lagoon’s clear waters are a great way to cool off and for most of the perimeter, there’s a sandy beach. If you’re here in the evenings and have the endurance you’ll see deer and raccoons creeping out of the tree line to drink at the lagoon. You can hire a boat on the shore, and anglers come to Don Castro throughout the year to catch catfish, bass, and trout.

Visit Oakland

Moreover, many people trip San Francisco without even a thought of heading to Oakland. That’s their loss Oakland crowds some fantastic attractions, with the Oakland Museum of California, Oakland Zoo, Jack London Square, and the Chabot Space & Science Center springing instantly to mind.

Gondola Rides on Lake Merritt


It’s nice enough to walk along the shoreline of Lake Merritt, but why not do as the Venetians do and take a gondola? Gondola Servizio Opens in New Window is one of the more attractive things to do in Oakland they suggest trips out on the water in genuine gondolas. You’ll be plied through the water by a skilled gondolier, taking in the stunning scenery while being serenaded with Italian melodies.