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Spread across 5.83 acres of land in Hillsborough, California, Carolands Chateau is a great specimen of American Renaissance and Beaux-Arts design. This beautiful building is one of the historical spots in California, which tourists come to see from far off places. Moreover, the property has been listed on the ‘National Register of Historic Places’, which says a lot about its importance. 

Carolands is one of the most revered houses in the whole of the US, which was built during the Gilded Age, which is what attracts many people towards the house. It is during the Gilded Age that some of the most incredible mansions and buildings were erected, including the one of the Vanderbilt Family.

A Brief History

A woman named Harriett Pullman Carolan, who was the daughter of George Pullman, the owner of Pullman Company, built Carolands. He was one of the richest men in Chicago. Harriett married Francis Carolan and moved to California where she acquired 554 acres of land in Hillsborough, San Mateo.

Harriett had a dream of building a house and garden that is no less than wonder and showcase the vibrant culture of America. The site was chosen in Hillsborough, which was the highest in the neighborhood, thus letting the viewers experience the splendid views of the San Francisco Bay along with surrounding hills.

The house experienced a lot of damage in the last 100 years or so, but it has been significantly restored in 1991 by Mario Buatta, who was the interior decorator of Dr. Ann Johnson. Dr. Ann was among the many visitors who paid $20 for admission, which resulted in a huge collection of $1 Million for the restoration of the house.

Dr. Ann Johnson and her husband Charles Barlett Johnson bought the house in 1998 and kept it till 2012 when they decided to donate it to Carolands Foundation. Since then, Carolands Foundation has been conducting small group tours free of cost.

Visiting the Chateau

Those who are interested in visiting the place need to make reservations at Selected people will receive invites in their emails within 5 business days. Barring student tours, all other guests must be at least 16 years of age in order to visit the house. 

Guests must arrive at the spot at 12:45 PM for check-in and they must bring a printed copy of reservation along with a photo ID, absence of which will prohibit their entry into the house. Parking space is available at Carolands property, so there is nothing to worry. Just follow the rules and regulations, and enjoy the tour of this historic building.

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