Apple Fritter Restaurant

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Unique and Extraordinary Offerings

Apple Fritter is one of the most popular restaurants in San Mateo known for its broad menu of food with unique and tempting flavors. At Apple Fritter, you don’t get ordinary food, but you get to be a part of a fun ride that involves a lot of exciting cuisines. The food consists of modern twists on traditional flavors and fusion flavors.

When you are heading to San Mateo, you must stop by at Apple Fritter, especially when you are craving for some quality food. You won’t regret your decision of stopping by at this restaurant, which serves some of the best pastries, donuts, sandwiches, and Fritters in the whole of California. It’s not just the great food that is the highlight of the restaurant, but its super-fast service as well, which compels people to return again and again.

Menu Offerings

The quality of the restaurant can be determined from the large influx of customers. The restaurant always remains occupied with foodies, which shows that Apple Fritter has been a local gem at San Mateo. They have a wide range of options to choose from such as Boring Hamburgers, Bacon Cheeseburgers, Special Burger, Impossible Burgers, Oh Yeah Impossible Burgers and the list goes on and on. There is a wide assortment of sides as well, which you can order to make a meal.

The restaurant has given unique names to many of its dishes to keep things interesting for the customers. You can have two of the most popular breakfast dishes such as Birds Nest or Impossible Spicy Hash. If you are a fan of French Toast, then don’t forget to eat ‘Toothfairy’.

Sandwiches are also immensely popular with the daily goers, so if you want, you can try Dirty Ruby, Reuben, Turkey Club, Turkey Cranberry and Rachel, which is literally all the sandwiches they have. If you want something healthy, you can order one of their salads. You can also take a look at their ‘Brunch menu’, which covers a wide range of cuisines.

How to Have the Best Experience

If you are excited to go to Apple Fritter, then you must find ways to reach the restaurant in the quickest of times. You can easily come by bus, train or your own personal vehicle. If you are coming by bus, then the local stop to the destination will fall at ‘S Norfolk St. Fashion Island Blvd, S Norfolk St. Susan Ct, Atrium Business Park and Waters Business Park. However, it is better to get to the restaurant in your own personal vehicle because it is more convenient that way.

The restaurant serves three meals, which are breakfast, lunch, and brunch. The restaurant begins its operation at 6:30 AM and closes at 2:45 PM, so if you are heading to San Francisco or coming back from there, then make sure to take a halt at San Mateo and visit this restaurant.

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