Landscaping with Native California Plants

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Landscaping with Native California Plants

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No matter where in California you live, if you want a beautiful, colorful, sustainable garden that saves water while providing habitat for essential natural pollinators, consider using a California native landscape design.

Native plants have evolved with the California climate, types of soil, animals and pollinators. They not only make your garden and landscaping look great, they are self-sustaining using the sunshine and natural rainfall. Using California native plants helps to maintain the local ecological balance while preserving these beautiful plants for future generations.

Advantages Of Using California Native Plants

There are several gardening advantages to using plants that are native to California. Many of them are drought resistant and continue to thrive and look gorgeous even with very limited rainfall. Plus, one third of the native plants that form the foundation of California’s ecosystem are not found anywhere else on the planet. This makes your garden truly unique.

Many a California native plant requires minimal irrigation. This helps with water conservation. Choosing a native plant means little to no fertilizer, less pruning and because these plants have developed natural defenses against diseases and pests, there’s no need to use pesticides in a native garden.

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Choose Native Landscape Contractors

If you want to ensure you get a breathtaking native garden that looks great all year round, requires little maintenance, no pesticides to pollute the creeks and watersheds and very little, if any, watering, choose an experienced California landscape company with knowledge of the best local native plants. Visit us at to see how you can use these indigenous flora in your garden!

They can combine the aromatic, feathery, fern-like leaves of the California Yarrow with the large purple flowers of the dwarf Arroyo de la Cruz Blue-Eyed Grass and the bunches of bright gold flowers and soft velvety foliage of the Palmer’s Indian Mallow to create a spectacular native landscape garden.

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Attract Local Wildlife

An experienced, knowledgeable Cal native landscaping company like Landscaping San Mateo can also pick the right native plant to use in a native garden that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, bunny rabbits and other wonderful native wildlife that are drawn to native plants.

Imagine a self-sustaining native garden with the stunning orange flowers of the Apricot Mallow, the California Mountain Lilac’s showy cobalt blue flowers, the bright yellow flowers and blue-grey foliage of the Channel Island Bush Poppy and the lovely Point Sal Purple Sage drawing colorful birds to your garden.

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Help Preserve Native Plants And Wildlife

Few things are as relaxing as watching wildlife, butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial insects in your California native garden. These plants and animals were made for each other. With wildlife habitats being displaced by development, planting native gardens help create a bridge to remaining wild areas. Plus, native birds and insects help eliminate plant-eating bugs and mosquitos, pollinate your garden and help California’s native plants and animals to thrive.

By simply putting in a native plant or two in your garden, you are helping a symbiotic relationship between California’s native flora and fauna that has existed for thousands of years to thrive while beautifying your home.

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